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Fruit balsamic vinegar differs from fruit vinegars above all in taste and consistency. Fruit balsamic vinegar drips viscously from the superior bottle and charms the palate with its slightly sweet note. Just like the vinegars, the balsamic vinegar is also a purely natural product and at Pödör does without any artificial additives. That is a quality attribute that we provide to our customers in all our sorts of fruit balsamic vinegar!

Nothing more than pure fruit makes our fruit balsamic vinegar a convincing natural foodstuff that does not require any additives. Taste your way through our range and you will see that flavor, aroma and color of the fruit in the balsamic vinegars are retained. The juice from apples, raspberries, sour cherries and blackcurrants is the basis for fruit balsamic vinegar. The juice is pressed exclusively from fresh, juicy, fully-ripened fruit.

Fruit balsamic vinegar from Pödör: know what is in it

Exquisite fruit balsamic vinegars for variety on your plate

At Pödör we trust in the traditional, time-honored balsamic vinegar method of production for our fruit balsamic vinegars.

First of all the fruits are carefully harvested when they are fully matured and prepared for further processing.

Aromatic fruit juice is pressed from the fruit which is then thickened by boiling and reducing. That is how the pure essence of the fruit is retained.

In the next step the fruit juice is fermented to wine. This is called "mash" in insider jargon. To transform the wine into vinegar "mother of vinegar" is added. With the aid of oxygen the alcohol transforms into acetic acid.

In the final step of processing fruit balsamic vinegar matures for at least 2 years in oak casks. These casks are the ideal place for the vinegar to mature because water can evaporate out of them and in this way natural thickening takes place.

The result is 100 percent natural fruit balsamic vinegar that will add that special touch to any salad. It also adds mild sweetness that ideally complements the taste of the food itself.

Sweet, creamy and wonderfully aromatic – that is how fruit balsamic vinegar should taste. With all their fine notes the 12 different sorts of balsamic vinegar from Pödör are convincing to the gourmet palate. They are pure variety consisting of many types of fruit and different consistencies. That is why there is fruit balsamic vinegar for every taste from finely sweet and tart blackcurrant balsamic vinegar to the cheeky sourness of raspberry balsamic vinegar. Take a look at the organic fruit balsamic vinegars from Pödör! The fruit for the vinegars is sourced from approved organic cultivation.

In the recipe magazine from Pödör you can read how you can bring variety into your cuisine with the many sorts of balsamic vinegar. The product and kitchen team meets regularly to create new recipes that can be followed quickly and easily.

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Become a gourmet with fruit balsamic vinegars

Fruit balsamic vinegar makes it easy for you to surprise friends and family with exceptional meals. The most popular domain of fruit balsamic vinegar is of course salads. Leafy green salads are freshened up by a fruity balsamic vinegar but also with tomato salad or "Panzanella" (a Tuscan salad with bread, tomatoes and cucumber served warm) fruit balsamic vinegar tastes fantastic. Tip: Try the classic Italian dish of "Caprese" with a few drops of blackcurrant balsamic vinegar.

Gourmets have their favorite fruit balsamic vinegar at hand however when they want to create something very special. The sweetness of the balsamic vinegar harmonizes perfectly with red meat. It could be in the marinade to tenderize the meat before it is cooked or in a rich, dark sauce. Fruity vinegar always lends its magic to common dishes.

Vegetarian dishes such as pasta or risotto can also find their complementary fruit balsamic vinegar in the wide range. Just sprinkle a few drops of balsamic vinegar of your choice over the finished dish and you can be sure of praise from your guests. Have you ever enhanced a cheese board with fruit balsamic vinegar? Apple balsamic vinegar Crema or Velvet is a delectable dip for all sorts of cheese both hard and creamy.

Fruit balsamic vinegar from Pödör remains fresh for many weeks after opening. If you wish to enjoy your balsamic vinegar for a long time we recommend that you store it in a cool, dark place. Residue in the bottle is a sign of naturalness and quality of the product.

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