Pödör stepped on the stage together with 2 Michelin star Jörg Müller

at the Zurheide Gourmet Festival in Düsseldorf



It was on September 18th, Sunday that the Zurheide Gourmet Festival was organized the 7th time, where the Pödör Premium Oils and Vinegars made their debut with a spectacular stand. The star guest of Pödör was 2 Michelin star holder Jörg Müller, who welcomed the visitors with real delicacies.

This year’s festival theme was „Sylt”, awaiting the visitors with exciting and appetizing gourmet creations and top chefs. Jörg Tittel festival organizer had prepared, once again, with countless culinary surprises. As he explained, there is a traditional friendship between Düsseldorf and the Isle of Sylt, and since there is no direct flight connection to Sylt, he thought it was high time to provide an opportunity for the choice foods of the island to present themselves at this Gourmet Festival. The best proof of the success of the event is the fact that thousands of visitors flocked to taste and appreciate the creative gourmet dishes of the known and renown chefs.

Jörg Müller

Dieter Müller, Jörg Müller and Helga Wachtmeister

Jörg Müller

Helga Wachtmeister and Thomas Bühner

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