Pödör and 3-Michelin-star chef Christian Bau together at the Zurheide gourmet summit in Dusseldorf

On 20th September, Düsseldorf’s high end Zurheide EDEKA hosted a grand gourmet festival, with a rich and unique culinary scene awaiting its 1500 guests on an area of no less than 60.000 square feet. True to the motto of the event: “The best all in one place!”, more than 30 Michelin star chefs were invited to demonstrate their expertise, who came up with the most extraordinary and beautiful creations. Among these creators was 3 Michelin star owning Christian Bau, Chef at Victor’s Fine Dining by Christian Bau, with Pödör Premium Oils and Vinegars as his partner. Christian Bau and his team had prepared for the gourmet summit with an astonishing quantity of 1200 portions of foie gras made with arabica coffee, sour cherry and hazelnut. On their shared gourmet stand, the taste of the hazelnut was delightfully intensified by the cold pressed Pödör hazelnut oil, which is made from piedmont Tonda Gentile hazelnuts, the finest hazelnut brand in the world.

Countless of gourmet fans grabbed the opportunity to taste the full range of Pödör products. On the shelves of the Deli department of Zurheide Feine Kost, Düsseldorf, a multitude of top quality oils and balsamic vinegars are waiting for visitors eager to test them.

Before the siege of gourmet fans: Helga Wachtmeister and Christian Bau with his team

Plates and tasting glasses in place: Let the guests come!

A meeting of 3-Michelin-star chefs: Joachim Wissler, Chef of the Vendóme restaurant at Grand Hotel Schloss Bensberg paying a visit to Christian Bau on the Pödör gourmet stand

Helga Wachtmeister, importer of Pödör Germany, in conversation with Jörg Tittel, chief organizer of Zurheide. Jörg Tittel’s opinion about the Pödör products: “It was the intensity of their flavors that Pödör oils and balsamic vinegars has won me over. In the case of poppy seed oil, for instance, you can feel the taste of the oily seeds very intensively, and so the dishes can be refined in a selective way, without the need to struggle with poppy seeds. With their quality, their versatility and their black and gold design, the Pödör products are a perfect match with the profile of Zurheide Edeka .”

Shredding watercress leaves.

Great care with the smallest details – surrounding the goose liver with hazelnuts

The chef at work with his team

Fresh supplies have arrived: foie gras balls​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The chef keeping an eye on it all... Every movement of the hand is in place, preparing plate after plate

Christian Bau presents the gourmet wonder

A breathtaking feat: 1200 portions of Hungarian foie gras made with arabica coffee, sour cherry and Pödör piedmont hazelnut oil, complete with Pödör piedmont hazelnuts

Detlef Steves reality show star testing the Pödör piedmont hazelnut oil. “You’ve made me your fan!” – he is saying.

Detlef Steves has brought over some more fans to the Pödör gourmet stand

Pure delight: Pödör piedmont hazelnut oil, Pödör apple balsamico crema and Pödör blackcurrant balsamic vinegar

Lining up for the best bites. Three-star chef Christian Bau personally serving his masterpiece of foie gras…

… and not refraining from collecting dirty plates, either

A film crew recording the atmosphere

Press visit: To form a first impression, you need not only information but also a gulp of Pödör hazelnut oil made from piedmont hazelnuts.

There is always time for a chat with the visitors: here with Michael Gliss, the first coffee sommelier of Germany

A brief excursion to South Tirol: Helga Wachtmeister greeting Gerhard Wiese, the two-star chef of the Trenkerstube gourmet restaurant in Tirol

A visit to the legendary chef Dieter Müller

At the end of the day, the Christian Bau team finally found some time for tasting – and they were enthralled!

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